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The Beginning

A Story About Armpits
April 2021

“Your armpits were the beginning of my corruption,” she said.

I was on the phone with my friend, G.

One of my closest girlfriends is G. When I met her, she had a mediocre sex life with a boyfriend, and was working in a law firm. These days, she’s changed so much. She’s gay. She’s in an incredible lifestyle D/s relationship where she regularly gets bruised so bad that she can’t sit down. Recently she called me and told me this, that my armpits were where it all started.

“I was in denial about my sexuality for so long. The moment it all changed was when you showed me your armpits one day. I remember I was like, whew. I felt something I couldn’t deny any longer.”

As for my armpits, I haven’t shaved them since I met a girl on my study abroad in Italy. Let’s call her P. She almost always wore dark red lipstick and got me to start wearing my lips dark too. Under her armpits were fluffy, curled dark clouds that looked so soft.