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“The body is an instrument which only gives off music if it is used as a body.”

― Anais Nin

Session Information

I take sessions in New York City and around the world. I purposefully select the people I want to play with and how we engage. I prioritize those who are invested in creating sustainable and long-term relationships with me. Sometimes that comes in the form of a structured D/s dynamic, and sometimes in the form of creative collaboration and exploration.

My sessions are shaped organically by the way your desires collide with my power. Depending on our chemistry, I can lead you on a path that’s spontaneous and playful, or a path that cuts deeply into the darkest, most vulnerable parts of your psyche. You may be surprised at what you find.

I am particularly fond of those who know how to pamper me, who plan ahead, and who are generous with ease. Those who support my endeavors, whether creative, hedonistic, or just mischievous. Those who are willing to be molded and changed by me into my vision.

Are you ready to be mine?