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Like a snake sheds its skin, we too must shed aspects of ourselves that we have outgrown.

Mistress Niko was the name for the mask that I wore to begin to explore my dominance. I entered the BDSM world in 2017, and had been living and working five years through her persona.

Over the coure of 2021, I realized I have a desire to bring more of myself into this practice. To get closer to the core of what excites me, I’ve decided to shed my first mask, Niko. After a snake sheds a skin, it is still the same, but a deeper version of the creature is revealed. Cléo emerges from the depths, from the root of my desire.

The snake moves through the world with a natural, hypnotic rhythm, at ease in its dominance. She only wants prey that is alive and fully formed. She toys with her food in a hypnotic, predatory flirtation. She waits and watches in total stillness before a sudden strike. Wrapping her body tightly around her prey, smothering it in desire, and swallowing it whole.

I will toy with you, and you will say thank you. I will devour you, and you will say thank you. I won’t scratch your itch. I will make you molt.

How would you like me
to break your heart?

I am an artist who
found a new medium.

My first mediums were ink and paper. My second is you.

Give over your desires, your body, and your mind to me. Let’s see what we can create together.

Drawing was the first and most rigorous form of discipline I know. Growing up, I went through a classical art training. Every technical mistake was ruthlessly scrutinized. Straight back, elbows raised, I sat at the table for hours on end practicing Chinese calligraphy.

I became sadomasochistic through my relationship with my art. I learned how to push myself to my psychological limits. I learned that in order to truly create, you must first be destroyed.

My approach to femdom is based on the way I make art. When I draw, my gaze is sharp and focused. Nothing matters to me except the beauty of what I’m making. You will be my object, and I will make you worthy.

Making art with my friends and lovers is my favorite thing to do. A few of my previous projects were created with an art collective I co-created called Veil Machine. If you want to become a patron of my art, learn more about my patronage options here.

What will we create together?